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This alerts Martha to be more careful, her perception filter does not make her invisible. She takes the young girl with her - Aleesha is living wild since her mother disappeared in the Toclafane attack - and they narrowly avoid a UCF patrol. The UCF men pursue them into a block of flats where Martha's perfume almost gives her away.

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However, they avoid detection when Griffin and his men are led astray when a trapped dog breaks a window in a nearby flat. Martha and Aleesha make it to the safety of a basement flat where Martha tries to cheer up the frightened girl by telling her a story. The human colony was established here because of the proximity of a wormhole which endowed them with psychic powers. The Doctor and Martha cross an icy landscape and arrive in the settlement. However, they are pursued by a variety of monstrous creatures and seem to be trapped in a dead end. An old man, Waechter saves them and takes them to a tower in the middle of the town.

Waechter explains that he is the last survivor of the colonists and, as such, is the guardian of the Beacon on the planet. It is this beacon that warned the Doctor, and all other travellers, to stay away from this exceedingly dangerous place. Waechter is doomed to live on eternally thanks to a circuit wired into his neck. All that he wants to do is to return to his home where he can die in peace. The freezing conditions prove too much for Waechter and he collapses in the snow but the Doctor is on hand to get him into the safety of the time machine.

The Doctor tries to disable the chip in the old man's neck but this causes severe problems: After further analysis, the Doctor concludes that the population of Agelaos hasn't disappeared at all. They have mutated into the beasts that were chasing him earlier. The reason that the wormhole has not caused the old man to change is that the link in his neck to the warning beacon was also maintaining his human form. The Doctor gives Waechter a choice: Waechter uses the psychic paper to see his own future and decides to mutate - at least this way he will not be alone.

They meet Professor Conrad Morris in a large control room. Introducing themselves as John Smith and Dr Martha Jones they learn that a race called the Benefactors have arrived above Earth offering salvation the effects of global warming and atmospheric pollution. The Doctor recognizes the Benefactors as the Cineraria, a race who takes over planets and eradicates all life before exploiting the resources.

Grant catches Martha and leads her back into the control room. The Doctor's image appears on the monitors. He reveals that the 'whale song' that is being received on the space station is a series of signals that are being transmitted to giant life forms a kind of space whale that are swallowing the pollution from the Earth's atmosphere. The Doctor says that the signals are telling these 'whales' to drop onto heavily populated areas with catastrophic results.

The solution, the Doctor suggests, is simple: Realising that they have been discovered, the Cineraria depart. The Doctor tells Professor Morris that the human race can fix their own problems without the help of alien intervention. The Frozen Wastes Martha always wanted to be a doctor, ever since she was a child, after breaking her arm and seeing how it was mended. She eschewed the usual teenage posters of pop singers and instead covered her walls with pictures of the internal workings of the body.

Later, she finds herself with the Doctor as they join a French Arctic Explorer, Pierre Bruyere in July , on his voyage by hot air balloon to the North Pole, intending to be the first to arrive there. Ever since he was a child Pierre has been haunted by dreams of the frozen Arctic wastes. The whole expedition is a puzzle to the Doctor, as he tells Martha at Pierre's presentation to the London Geographical Congress, not least because Pierre and his companions vanished without trace in April, three months earlier.

The Doctor, Martha and Pierre launch the balloon with the Doctor frequently commenting happily on Pierre's inventiveness. The early days are the happiest, when the trio would join together and sing songs.

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Martha dreams of becoming a Doctor again, but hears a voice intruding into her dreams. She wakes to find that the balloon is losing height rapidly. The trio throws their stores and equipment out in order to lighten the load but this only succeeds when they jettison their food. The Doctor comments that some mysterious force is trying to put them at its mercy. Later, the three share their dreams. The Doctor is particularly interested when Pierre mentions he dreams of nothing but expanses of white. The Doctor himself says that he never dreams.

Privately he confides to Martha that, in fact, he dreams about the unknown and the dangers of it.

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Pierre begins to claim that they have reached the North Pole as they have been flying at a constant speed for about four or five months. Martha is amazed because she thinks it is only a fortnight. The Doctor reveals that they have been travelling for years, but they are frozen in time, endlessly repeating the same few moments. The Doctor produces his sonic screwdriver and uses it to burst the balloon. Martha and Pierre see that they are suspended in mid air. The Doctor shows Pierre that the journal of his expedition has been overwritten many times.

The mysterious entity that has him trapped now has been sending him back to relaunch the expedition again and again. Above them, suspended in the sky, are dozens of identical balloons containing other Pierres and his many companions. One of these Pierres drops to the basket containing the latest incarnation and the Doctor.

Doctor Who: The Story of Martha

The newcomer takes Pierre's face in his hands and drains the life from him. The Doctor realises that the entity is feeding off the experiences and dreams of its victims. He encourages it to feed from him, thinking that his store of memories will be too much for it. The Doctor soon realises his mistake; the hunger is too great.

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He calls out to Martha. Along the way, she encounters different people who survived the initial decimation of the Earth. The book goes on to divulge that while on the run from the Master and his armed forces, the stories Martha tells these people provide them with hope that she and the Doctor can defeat the Master; which eventuates in the television episode " Last of the Time Lords ". This book includes four short stories as well as the ongoing narrative of The Story of Martha. This story is one which Martha tells to a little girl who sees past her perception filter near the beginning of the book.

It tells of The Doctor and Martha's journey to a planet called Agelaos, after receiving a warning signal. As the population lived near a wormhole; they developed a degree of psychic ability. The Doctor and Martha meet an old man named Waechter, who saves them from an unknown beast and leads them to safety. It's revealed that Waechter is the guardian of the Beacon on the planet, the only person left on Agelaos. He is being kept alive by a circuit wired into his neck. He is also revealed to retain a psychic ability himself, shown when the Doctor's psychic paper and his mind clash.

The Doctor agrees to take Waechter away with them on the TARDIS , and transport him to another planet; when suddenly he begins to die on board as Waechter's link to Agelaos is still transmitting through the chip in his neck. After an inspection of the chip, the Doctor comes to the realisation that the population of Agelaos hasn't disappeared; but merely evolved into the creatures from who they were trying to evade in the beginning.

The chip was just holding Waechter's humanity in balance. The Doctor provides Waechter with the choice of destruction of the chip and transformation into the alien creature, or leaving the chip and living alone on Agelaos as a human. After seeing his future in the psychic paper, Waechter decides to become one of the alien creatures as a way of never being lonely again. The second story in the novel, Breathing Space is told to a group of people in a survivor camp in France.

They arrive on a space station in , looking over the Earth and also strange-looking signals. They meet Professor Conrad Morris; of whom the Doctor seems to be a big fan. Introducing themselves as John Smith and Dr. Martha Jones, they are told about the Benefactors; a solitary race, supposedly the salvation of mankind. They sent a broadcast to the people of Earth, offering salvation from global meltdown from the effects of global warming and atmospheric pollution.

The Doctor immediately recognises the Benefactors as an alien race called the Cineraria; who steal planets and proceed to wipe out all lifeforms and resources in existence. Grant however, catches up with Martha and forces her back into the control centre, where the Doctor suddenly appears from the TARDIS on the centre's monitors. He explains that the 'whale song' is actual a group of encoded signals which are transmitted between each of the signals outside as way of updating the Cineraria of gas levels stored.

Using the sonic screwdriver, the control centre begins to drop towards the Earth as the creatures on the outside take a protective position around it. Appearing in the control centre, the Doctor and Martha notice that the creatures prepare to kill the population of Earth below. The Doctor states that it could all end if Professor Morris asked the Cineraria to stop. They'd have admitted defeat in this sense because they act on stealth; and the Doctor had unconvered their plot. As the Cineraria depart, the Doctor reveals to Professor Morris that he believes that the human race is amazing in itself and they can fix their own problems without the help of an alien race.

The Doctor reassures her that everything will be brilliant and they depart. The Frozen Wastes is the first of two stories Martha tells while she is captured and sent to a labour camp in Japan. This story tells how Martha had always wanted to be a doctor since she was a child, after becoming fascinated with her bones' healing process after she broke her arm. The tale then goes onto detail an adventure wherein the Doctor and Martha join a French Arctic Expeditionist named Pierre Bruyere in , on his maiden voyage.

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Pierre had planned to fly a hot air balloon to the North Pole as a way of fulfilling a childhood dream. Martha remarks that they are in June , to which the Doctor replies that Pierre doesn't seem to know he is a dead man. The Doctor, Martha and Pierre set off in the balloon successfully; with the Doctor remarking on Pierre's brilliance along the way.

Martha recalls the happiest times of the expedition which were when the trio would come together as team and sing songs. As Martha slept, she dreamed of being a Doctor once more; and hearing a voice coming through when she was sitting her exam. She is shaken awake by the Doctor to find the balloon is losing height; and the team begin to throw their luggage out to lighten the load. Averting disaster, Martha found herself dreaming of her medical exam again; the voice asking for details about her bones.

The three would share their dreams, the Doctor becoming interested when Pierre mentions he dreams of nothing but white. The Doctor denies that he dreams anything; however he tells Martha that he dreams about the unknown and the dangers of it. When Pierre awakes, he states that they have reached the North Pole as they have been travelling constantly for about five months.

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Martha believes it to have been only a fortnight, and the Doctor reveals that they have in fact been travelling for years because they were frozen in time. Using the sonic screwdriver, the Doctor causes the balloon to pop; only to reveal to Martha and Pierre that they were being suspended in mid air. The Doctor explains that Pierre had been caught in a time loop as a result of his journal; sending him back to redo the expedition again and again, always doomed.

Pierre becomes disturbed by the revelation when he sees one of his many counterparts alongside his own. Draining the life of his counterpart by holding his face; the Doctor realises that Pierre has been overcome and forces him to do the same to him, thinking that the vast amount of knowledge he retains will weaken Pierre. The Doctor was mistaken, as Pierre's hunger was too insatiable; and he cries out for Martha.

She does the same thing and holds the Doctor's face to give him warmth, which unfreezes time to leave the two alone, holding each other. Then covering her tracks as to not interrupt history, the Doctor takes Martha to the North Pole, years in the future; where the region had an interactive museum.

He tells her of his dreams; that when he was a child, the Doctor had wanted to be an explorer. But he knew it could not be because his people had already discovered everything. They advised him not to leave Gallifrey as there was no point, but the Doctor found one; and whenever he'd dream, he'd see it. The final tale Martha tells is again to her fellow prisoners inside the labour camp in Japan.