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Lazarus The Goat by Gary R. All The Little Horses: Holmes-Illustrated by Ronda L. Chronicles of the Shroud: Forbidden Fruit is a twisted tale about Jack the Ripper. It will keep you on the edge of your seat. You will be amazed at who Jack the Ripper really is. The Glasshouse Children of Revenshire: The Forgotten by RL Caudill. Join them as they venture deep into the caves behind the Ravenshire Cliff Waterfalls as the Frye siblings meet the forgotten fantastical creatures who live in the caves. Victoria Long has always avoided the spooky Bishop house on the outskirts of town.

However, one night after a party she is forced to spend the night in the spooky Bishop house. She sees and hears unimaginable things and faces a treacherous night that seems to go on forever. It's a night she will never forget. Contact Us Events Our Publications. Please wait while we redirect you! Caudill, PhD Nila Jones ahs been dreaming about a young nobleman from the past; little did she know that he would become a significant part of her future.

In this story of young love and fantasy there are horrible details of a past life that Nila discovers. These details will determine whether Nila and her young nobleman will live happily ever after. Purchase on Amazon Risk Management By Roy Chenut Risk Management is a sophisticated Romantic Thriller, written with smirking wit and heart-melting love as well as terror, madness and depravity. It is a story about Jack Hooker, an ordinary Stanford student whose life has been molded by the expectations of the American upper-middle class.

He is dissatisfied and feels trapped. They fall deeply in love. Unknown to Jack, Leena is the mistress of Dmitri.

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Through Dmitri, Leena is unwittingly connected to money laundering, sexual slavery and gruesome murder. Until the coven came to claim what they believe belongs to them.

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  6. Their chosen ones, to lead the coven to become the most powerful. It is written the twins who they separated at birth are to reign together as one to keep the bloodline pure.

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    When Misty refuses to stand with them, hell will break loose. Find the person or persons threatening the businessman. Will's investigation, however, goes far beyond the letters, as he uncovers hidden family secrets that lead to a deadly final outcome.

    Lowell This is a story of a university professor who becomes severely apprehensive as retirement from academia approaches. He fears that his lifetime of study will be for naught when he steps away from the podium. The professor's imagination invents an alter ego in the form of a Heidelberg educated professor who just happens to be a coyote.

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    With their inflated egos at full mast, the two professors clash, debate and insult each other throughout an outrageous dream sequence extending over several years. In the end, rationality prevails and the professors accept retirement as a "natural consequence" of academic life and part as friends. Of course our man must see and talk with this miraculous goat, and when he does, the goat makes the outrageous claim that he is the living Lazarus raised from the grave as told in John: The wonderful discoursing, multi-lingual goat then begins an arabesque story of immortality and transformation from human form to goat-hood by a Moorish enchantress during the Portuguese inquisition in To our narrator's frustration, the goat manages to weave this tale into an account of his adventurous life as a bandit goat in the mountains of eastern Portugal.

    The latter story, in turn, is linked to an amusing yarn about an encounter between the goat and author Miguel Cervantes of Don Quixote fame in So Lazarus, the immortal goat, appears intent on spinning an endless story of an endless life that would make the good lady Scheherazade blush. The characters are well developed and show great depth; the reader feels as if they know these characters personally. The dialog and the relationships between the characters were amazing and dynamic. The history and the location are wonderfully accurate.

    This aspect makes the story more believable. If you believe in miracles and trust in science this book was written for you. This was a wonderful first book and I cannot wait for the next installment.

    Allen is the pen name of a man who has spent almost 20 years in education secondary and university. He has worked on four continents and visited 54 countries. Currently he lives on a boat in eastern NC. He writes short stories and poetry. He reads profusely and enjoys watching the sun set with a glass of wine and sitting on the top of his boat.

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    Jerry Sword is a songwriter, filmmaker, and author from Virginia. His works have been featured in motion pictures as well as independent features. He currently resides and continues writing in a small Virginia town. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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