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Book provided for review purposes. May 13, Cathy rated it liked it. Suzanne Kidwell, a reporter for a local cable news channel, spends her life exposing criminals on her Judgment Day weekly cable news show. During an investigation of a US senator, she finds her late boyfriend's nurse dead in her apartment. Suzanne is the number one suspect in the crime.

Private investigator, Marcus Crisp, might be her only hope of proving her innocence. Unfortunately he is also her ex-boyfriend. As his investigation continues, details of Suzanne's shady business ethics are called Suzanne Kidwell, a reporter for a local cable news channel, spends her life exposing criminals on her Judgment Day weekly cable news show.

As his investigation continues, details of Suzanne's shady business ethics are called into question. Can Marcus see past his former hurt and continue with the investigation? Will Suzanne's innocence be proven before she becomes the next victim? I sound kind of like Randy Jackson here, but this book was just OK for me. I got annoyed early on with some details that didn't match up. First of all, on the back of the book, it states that an entrepreneur that she is investigating, John Sterling, is found dead on her floor.

But the book isn't written that way. In the book, it's Suzanne's boyfriend's nurse that is murdered. And John Sterling is a senator in the book not an entrepreneur. That's a pretty big detail. You'd think they'd get that right on the summary. Secondly, towards the front of the book Suzanne attends a funeral. Then she talks about an event that happens a week after the funeral. And that event couldn't have happened a week after the funeral because it had not been a week since the funeral on the author's timeline. That's the kind of thing an editor should catch. And this isn't a prereleased copy.

This book has been out since September. Anyway, I think because I found those two discrepancies early on, that while I read the rest of the book, I spent more time looking for more errors than I did enjoying the book. As far as the story goes, it's one of those books where the reader knows who the murderer is.

You just don't know why and if the hero will figure it all out in time. The crimes involved were actually very interesting. They are crimes I had never heard of or read about. I do give the author kudos for that. As far as character development. Some characters were developed a lot and really grew throughout the book.

Others seemed more superficial without steady growth. My vote would be to borrow this from a friend or library instead of buying it new. Jul 07, Courtney rated it liked it Shelves: Have you ever watched that show TMZ I think that is what it is called? Well, the main character reminded me of those reporters. She was accusing people of things without full proof. Then one day it all blows up in her face when she comes home to fi Have you ever watched that show TMZ I think that is what it is called?

Then one day it all blows up in her face when she comes home to find someone unconscious and then they die and she is blamed. This story was just okay for me. Not sure what to say about it. I enjoyed the crime that was described; it was very unique and kept the plot very entertaining. However, I never really connected at all with the characters. I barely remember their names even right after putting the book down.

I also noticed a lot of holes in the story and way too many characters involved to keep them all straight. The main character Susan was a snob and she drove me nuts. I wanted very much too really like the two detectives, Alex and Marcus, but again they just fell short. Also, the fact that Alex and Marcus were supposed to be Christians was just not believable. Again, the plot was unique. The crime was fascinating and I had no trouble reading the book or enjoying the suspense and mystery involved. I do think other readers would enjoy this, especially those that like mystery and suspense.

Jun 03, Melanie rated it really liked it. I'll see you next week. This time she has accused the wrong person. Someone is found dead on Suzanne's living room floor. She's accused of murder, yet she's innocent. She thinks she's being framed and thinks she knows who framing her. To find the ev "As long as there are people out there who betray our trust, there will be Judgment Day with Suzanne Kidwell.

To find the evidence, she needs the help of PI Marcus Crisp, her ex-fiance, who caught her cheating on him. Will he help her and be able to keep her alive long enough to unveil the culprit? I really enjoyed those books, so I thought that I would like 'Judgment Day' as well.

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I was not disappointed. It flowed nicely and held my attention. I felt like I was watching a movie when reading this. The characters were funny, yet intriguing. The plot was believable and overall I just really liked it. I found it pretty ironic that Suzanne accused people of being guilty of a crime when she didn't have any evidence, just mere speculation, and then almost the same thing happened to her. What Suzanne's cellmate said summed that up pretty well: If you are without sin, be the first to throw a stone. You teach others; why don't you teach yourself?

A false witness offers nothing but lies and will perish and whoever listens to his lies will be destroyed forever. For out of that corrupt heart comes nothing but lies and slander. I had to know what happened. Jan 17, Tammy G. Having never read anything by Wanda L. Dyson I wasn't quite sure what this read would be like. I cautiously began reading page one AND boy. I was enthralled with all of the suspense and to be honest Suzanne made me a little angry!

I had to see what was going to happen next. A definite page turner! Suzanne has m Having never read anything by Wanda L. Suzanne has many, many issues in her life. Not sure Suzanne knows the meaning of this word. Suzanne is not my favorite heroine. She's slippery, dishonest and frankly she needs a good disciplinary action; such as, some hard knocking truths! As I read further into the book I realized that Suzanne is actually going to get those hard knocking truths First, she must realize that there is a God and that He is watching over her.

Secondly, she will have to answer for untruths that have deeply hurt others. Thirdly, she'll have to come to grips with her family issues. This was one of those reads that I won't soon forget!

Judgement Day

The whole story line was well written and the telling of such a gruesome tale was done in way as not to shock the reader. A few years back I had read about "such people" who looked for loners in life so that they could prey on them. These loners were often runaways and people weren't always looking for them. I wondered if the author had written this story after one of those news articles? This was a fantastic 5 star read! With action, issues to work out and with a smidgen of romance. Be prepared to finish this read once you begin!

Apr 11, Laura rated it liked it. When two teenage girls allegedly run away from home, but when she talks to one police officer she finds out that the principal of the school has porn on his computer. And when the principal commits suicide, to Suzanne that is further proof of his guilt. And the only person she can possibly find who might help is her ex-boyfriend, Marcus Crisp—the man she betrayed in college. The story jumped from place to place and person to person with no real grounding of where we were, or what was happening.

It was disjointed at best. Still, the story is intriguing, and I had to keep reading to find out what happens to Suzanne. This is a suspense with some good parts, and it will keep your interest. Apr 04, Blessedmomfxs rated it really liked it. So what if she cuts a few corners, embellishes a few truths and disregards facts? The means justify the ends, right?

When his nurse shows up dead on her apartment floor she is framed for the murder. Suzanne has made plenty of enemies along the way, so it is easy to find people with motives to do her harm. What has she stumbled upon that is so important that they want her dead? Marcus Crisp, and his partner, Alexandria Fisher-Hawthorne are two private investigators brought in to help prove her innocence. Despite a romantic history with Marcus, Suzanne is forced to accept their help.

What ensues is a page-turning suspense story that will have you asking a lot of questions! Cloaked in a fast-paced detective story, Judgement Day raises a number of extremely subtle issues. It is a story of situational ethics and the snowball effects of selfishness. While the situations presented in the book are obviously extreme, each of us faces a myriad of small decisions every day that are pinned on situational rights and wrongs.

What principles guide your life? I enjoyed the book. Suzanne Kidwell hosts a weekly cable show called Judgment Day where she is known for her sensational journalism. Her goal is to exploit and expose people of prominence for the lies they tell. She fancies herself a champion of ethics when in fact, she is quite the opposite. Then the police find someone murdered on her living room floor and she has the blood on her hands. Jail is the last place Suzanne ever expects to find herself and when she comes face to face with a man she betrayed in college, things really start to heat up.

Suzanne knows about something big, something worth killing for if she can just stay alive long enough to prove it. The character of Suzanne as a cold hearted journalist looking for fame and success definitely came across well. I felt like her change of heart at the end was shallow and more about her brush with death than actual regret for her horrible treatment of others.

The plot rotates around the horrible practice of organ harvesting and it is a sad and sick thing. It was a quick, engaging read. I received this book courtesy of Blogging for Books for my honest review. May 05, Sheila rated it really liked it Shelves: Suzanne Kidwell has a weekly cable news show, Judgment Day, where she exposes criminal doings among businessmen, politicians and religious leaders. Dyson creates some very p Suzanne Kidwell has a weekly cable news show, Judgment Day, where she exposes criminal doings among businessmen, politicians and religious leaders.

Dyson creates some very plausible and interesting characters in Judgment Day and carries them through many twists and turns. Self-centered Suzanne might yet be redeemed, and smug manipulators condemned. Meanwhile the body count rises. Exciting fight scenes, the roller coaster of capture and escape, the misery of prison, the view from a penthouse suite, all are convincingly portrayed through the eyes of a group of characters the reader really comes to care about.

An exciting novel, quickly read but neatly inspiring too, Judgment Day tells a scary tale and just might offer some light on the judgments we make every day. Dec 11, Kathy Martin rated it really liked it. This thriller sees a muckraking television journalist accused of murder after a woman is found dead in her house. She has previously lost her boyfriend when they switch cars and her car exploded. She was slso attacked outside her house.

Suzanne Kidwell is a very unsympathetic character. She is the stereotypical shark-like female journalist who is willing to do anything for a story that is sensational enough to boost her show's ratings. Underneath, though, we get hints of a woman who is insecure a This thriller sees a muckraking television journalist accused of murder after a woman is found dead in her house. Underneath, though, we get hints of a woman who is insecure and feels unloved. She is quite self-absorbed.

Marcus and Alex have formed a strong partnership and have romantic feelings for each other that they are reluctant to mention. She is from a very wealthy family and he is not. Her parents want her to give up the detective business and come home to run the family business or, at least, to marry someone from the right social class to manage the business. There are lots of plot threads that weave in and out of this book beginning with missing teenagers and leading to the black market organ transplant business.

Not so coincidentally, Alex's mother is in need of a heart transplant. The villain of the piece is never in doubt but he is really evil and likely crazy too. He blames Suzanne for the death of his son even though he was the one who had the bomb planted in the car. This was a very good thriller with lots of action and suspense. I recommend it to those who want an exciting quick read. Mar 31, Daenel rated it really liked it.

Honestly, I used to wonder, how'd she get in my head? I'd sit there glued to the television as the host would all but pronounce judgement on the accused.

Judgment Day

For me, the biggest takeaway from this book is to abide by John 8: They kept demanding an answer, so he stood up again and said, "All right, but let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone! And, really, who are we to judge? Shouldn't that role be reserved for the One who is sinless? Without being overly preachy, this book is a lesson on judgment and how quickly reputations and lives can be ruined by baseless accusations.

Bonus points for the book being faith based without being overly preachy and not using any profanity without being too precious. Apr 13, Renee rated it really liked it. This action-packed mystery features the detective duo of Marcus Crisp and Alexandria Fisher-Hawthorne. Marcus is a tall, dark, handsome tough guy who operates from a deep code of honor. In this adventure, Marcus and Alexandria work to prove the innocence of his former flame, the cold-hearted news anchor, Suzanne Kidwell, when she is accused of murder.

During the twists and turns of the investigation, we meet an array of suspects, from the most important men in the city to mafia types to petty thugs. The lives of the main characters, as well as their loved ones, are periodically endangered. And several characters suffer family tragedies unrelated to the crime. This story is an exciting, fast read with just the right amount of suspense, danger, and heart. Apr 21, Donna rated it it was amazing Shelves: Because you see something, and you immediately make a judgment based on your own desire to be better than everyone else.

You look for the worst, so you see the worst and condemn everyone you don't like. Now, the sho " Now, the shoe is on the other foot. Suzanne is accused of murder and with the evidence stacked against her, she turns to a former boyfriend and his PI partner. Marcus and Alex agree to find the real murderer and free her, setting in motion a series of events that they may be powerless to stop. Murder, extortion, deceit, kidnapping, organ harvesting, and more await the reader of this thriller! Come along as Marcus, Alex, and Jazz attempt to solve this case and make things right. Who will survive is anyone's guess!

This book was unputdownable for me! While I pegged the main murderer early on, the twists and turns kept trying to point me in a different direction and tell me I was wrong. This is a book I will read again and recommend to many of my friends and family. I think it makes a great read for an individual, but think groups would have a lot of fun dissecting it.

I want to thank the Book Blogging program for my copy of the book! It was a pleasure to read and review. Nov 10, Mike rated it it was amazing Shelves: Suzanne Kidwell, is looking for fame, and she is willing to destroy anyone in order to get it. This is what it seems as she goes about her job, as an investigative reporter for a television series known as "Judgment Day", but is Kidwell about to meet her own "Judgment Day"?

When Kidwell finds a friend of hers dead in her apartment, she is immediately charged with the murder. Suzanne, seeks and enlists the help of a pair of Private Detectives to prove her innocence. Can these two detectives, Mar Suzanne Kidwell, is looking for fame, and she is willing to destroy anyone in order to get it. Can these two detectives, Marcus Crisp, a former boyfriend and his partner Alex Alexandria Fisher-Hawthorne, from a well to do family, who want her to return home to run the family business. As the story develops, there are many instances of crimes being covered up and there is also a twist, when Suzanne Kidwell's fiance is killed while driving her car.

Is there a connection there? I must say that this story peeked my interests right from the start, and Dyson is a wonder writer.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day novelization (unabridged audiobook)

My hat goes off to her for your writing ability and the way she weaves a story. Dyson is sure to make the Best Sellers list. Thank yous go out to WaterBrook Press and Blogging for Books, for offering me the opportunity to read and review this wonderful piece of art. Once the reader picks up this selection, they will not want to put it down.

Bravo to Wanda L. Dyson on her accomplishments. Oct 28, Megan rated it really liked it. Judgement Day with Suzanne Kidwell is a cable news show that tends toward the sensational rather than the factual. Suzanne feels that is what the public wants, and it is what gets her ratings. Her producer doesn't feel the same; he wants her suspicions backed up with evidence. Who cares if she has to doctor that evidence sometimes Someone does, someone willing to kill.

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Suzanne's boyfriend dies when her car is "altered. Finally she is framed for murd Judgement Day with Suzanne Kidwell is a cable news show that tends toward the sensational rather than the factual. Finally she is framed for murder, and it looks like the only hope she has are private investigators, Marcus and Alexandria: Starting out fast with a teenage runaway who gets abducted, a fatal crash, and a hidden love, this book never stopped.

Dyson uses short chapters and starts with a number of storylines that weave together as you continue through the book. The action itself does a nice job of developing the characters, and the plot is full of interesting twists. Judgement Day is a suspenseful page-turner with beautiful truths woven through it.

I truly enjoyed it and would highly recommend it! You can purchase this book directly from RandomHouse. If I were you, I'd do it right now!! Thank you to Staci and Random House for my copy of this book. I really enjoyed it! May 21, Patty LeBlanc rated it really liked it. Suzanne Kidwell is a journalist who thrives on sensationalism. She will do anything to get her story, even to the point of altering a story to make it more newsworthy or just plain making it up to drive up the ratings of her show.

Suzanne ends up in trouble, accused of a murder she did not commit. Unfortunately, her only option is to hire a private investigator to find out who the real murderer is. The problem with this is that she hires an ex-boyfriend she once betrayed but feels he is her only Suzanne Kidwell is a journalist who thrives on sensationalism. The problem with this is that she hires an ex-boyfriend she once betrayed but feels he is her only hope.

He has a partner who is not too keen on taking the case of his ex-girlfriend, knowing the history behind their relationship. Once they do take the case, they begin to uncover things they never expected to find. This was a highly suspenseful novel that addressed a very different issue. It definitely was a turn of events that I never saw coming. I enjoyed this book and the characters in it.

My only problem was with the quick changing of scenes to introduce new characters. There was a lot going on at the beginning, but in the end it was worth completing the book. I would recommend this book to friends who enjoy a good suspense with a little romance and intrigue. Dec 28, Evelyn rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed this book.

Marcus was my favorite character, and I was drawn into and attracted by his personality and demeanor immediately. Alex was another character I liked. Her no-nonsense, take-no-crap-from-anybody attitude was so refreshing.

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  6. I could relate completely the way she and Marcus responded to the I really enjoyed this book. The technology seems mundane. Flight times to light-years-distant planets is inconsistent and glossed over. Ships are flying back and forth on regular supply runs, but the story seems to stop during the months these trips take.

    It's never clear how this group of civilians navigates its way through space without getting hopelessly lost. The government, urged by the Satanist leader, attacks the Christian compound, but only with ground troops. Why no aircraft to stop the spaceships? The middle section of the story covers at least 10 years, and while child characters age as expected, adult characters seem to stay in early middle age throughout.

    Judgment Day by James F. David

    The reaction of the rest of the world to the Christian group's adventures feels wrong, understated. Their reactions to the excesses of the Satanists also seem inappropriate and strangely muted. The epilogue involves a wildly improbable set of crossed paths. The book's marketing, through blurbs on the book jacket, make this appear to be a pro-Christian novel of the Apocalypse, but I wonder if the blurb writers read the book. The Christians are portrayed as narrow-minded, bigoted, and overtly racist, not as the heroes of God the blurbs suggest they are.

    The only likeable character in the book is a non-fundamentalist Christian mediator, who seeks to find a middle ground between the space-going Christians and the Satanist-led government although few of the major Christian characters knows of Satan's influence. The blurb gets the name of the Christian group wrong and mis-identifies the focus of the plot. The Christians are shown as disapproving of sex except for reproduction, but have no problem killing innocent bystanders along with some truly evil people to get their way.

    Any sex in the book is always off-stage, but graphic violence is front and centre. Finally, there are technical problems. The book has chapters in pages. Almost every scene gets a new chapter. It keeps the pace moving, but is tiring and unnecessary. Every chapter begins with a quotation, but one quotation appears twice, just a few chapters apart. One character's name is given incorrectly in a scene -- it's clear which character is meant, but another character's name is used for her, and the other character is nowhere near this particular scene, so it's not just a minor confusion.

    Scene transitions are sometimes awkward and confusing. The action jumps forward sometimes months at a time with major plot developments given in casual dialogue as past history. Most of the characters are two-dimensional stereotypes. Motives and methods for many of the characters' actions are clumsy or absent. Overall, I cannot recommend this book. Lousy, overly long, book founded on sociological and scientific premises that I just couldn't buy.

    But at least it wasn't another literal-interpretation-of-Revelations sci fi book. This book sucked hard. Did not actually finish it. Apr 05, Krista rated it did not like it Shelves: I have so many problems with this book that I don't even know where to start. The only good thing I can say about it is that the writing - the tone, voice, and structure - was good. My complaints in no particular order: I really, really enjoyed the Left Behind series, so I approached this book with what I feel to be an open mind.

    I wanted to like it!

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    • Völkische Religiosität und Antimodernismus in Deutschland (1871 - 1919) (German Edition).
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    I expected to like it because one of my favorite motifs is Good vs. Evil and what embodies that more than God vs. Yet, I must admit that I wasn't always cheering for the "good guys". These Christians weren't very Christian. Seriously, they debate accepting Black people into their new settlements because their leader "worried about the impact of adding inner-city families to their community" pg. Nevermind the fact that these were God-fearing people wanting the same chance to practice their Christianity in peace as well.

    Their skin color made them Other; religion playing a secondary factor in the decision-making taking place. Oh, and I can't even tell you what was done near the end of this book because it would include spoilers. I guess I will end by saying this was not a fictional interpretation of Revelations.

    I'd say it was more closely modeled on Moses' trials and tribulations as he led the Israelites out of Egypt. Only instead of leading his people across the Red Sea, Mark Shepard leads his people across the universe to another planet. Playing opposite in the position of Pharaoh is Manuel Crow, who is being conveniently aided by a demon-possessed woman. Seriously, how does this book have so many positive reviews?!?! May 30, Sammy rated it really liked it Shelves: I think the emphasis on this being a Christian novel like the Left Behind series will stop a lot of people from reading a book that they will really enjoy.

    That is definitely not the case and actually one reason I enjoyed this book a little more than I enjoyed the Left Behind series. Judgement Day stays away from preach I think the emphasis on this being a Christian novel like the Left Behind series will stop a lot of people from reading a book that they will really enjoy. Judgement Day stays away from preaching, and even though the Christian group are the protagonists of the novel, they are not without fault or blame and are far from perfect, yet another reason I really liked this novel.

    The only flaws that I found in the book were the timeline was a bit stretched and confusing I'm a reader who prefers a clear timeline , the scientific mumbo-jumbo went a little over my head it was kept to a minimum though , and the name of one of the characters went back and forth between Faith and Ruth a couple of times though that may have just been my book which was an Advanced Reader edition.

    I warn you though, this book is big and hard to put down. And like I said at the beginning, because it is supposed to be geared towards Christian readers, don't let that stop you. I'd say this book is more Science Fiction that Christian-Lit. I think comparing this novel to Left Behind isn't really neccessary because the only similarity I found was it was set in a somewhat Apocalyptic world.

    Unlike Left Behind it doesn't really follow the predictions set out by Revelations nor is it full of "repent or die" sentiments and many visions. I think David has written in a way that's friendlier to the non-Christian readers that are curious about picking up the book. I've read that this is supposed to become a series, and I would love to see where David continues to take the characters and plot he has started with, but at the same time I'm not against keeping this book as a stand-alone novel, because it holds its own quite well.

    Apr 26, Eddy Wood rated it it was amazing. Judgment Day covers a universe of people, spiritual battles, and even distant planets. In pages, James David takes you from the earliest days of a new science in anti-gravity to the darkest recesses of anti-Christian bigotry and the evil forces behind it. If the author had fully explored every character that is presented in this story, and fully vetted the events that unfolded, it would have taken three times the volume to explore it all.

    As it is, the author gives us small glimpses into ce Judgment Day covers a universe of people, spiritual battles, and even distant planets. He even delves into the very psyche of those characters we learn to fear the most reader discretion advised — half kidding.

    Images such as the constant awareness of an awesome God who quietly pulls the strings on behalf of those who trust in Him. The author does not present the gospel or any other religious dogma in an overpowering manner. But, there is an ever-present guidance at work, masterfully leading the reader into the unknown these characters face around every turn. Sep 05, John rated it liked it. This book surprised me. I expected some overused plot based upon a largely misunderstood concept of the Christian idea of the Judgment.

    Instead what I received was a rather interesting science fiction treatment of the same topic. Though I cannot remember all the details of the book, I do remember being engaged and also troubled by some aspects of it. I am careful of supporting cults, and yet the heroes of this book sure could look like cultists in another light. In the end, however, I found a go This book surprised me. In the end, however, I found a good read with something that closely dovetails with my own system of beliefs, which is not something one can often say when he is both a Christian and a reader of Science Fiction.

    If you share my beliefs pick it up because it is one book that does not challenge the core of your Faith. If you are not, pick it up because it is a good read about one possible future of the human race. Dec 19, Allen G. I found this book at the dollar store one day while shopping. I have to say, it may have been inexpensive in price, but not in content!!! The characters were well written as well as the storyline. Although I do have to say that what caught my attention was the title of the book - also I do go against the old saying "don't judge a book by it's cover.

    It does have som I found this book at the dollar store one day while shopping.